Wrysgan Slate Quarry Access Information

Photograph of Wrysgan Slate Quarry

About Wrysgan Slate Quarry

Wrysgan Slate Quarry occupies an elevated site on the southern flanks above Cwm Orthin (approximate grid reference SH678456). It has six working floors, all accessible and unflooded, in a single vein. The mine hasn't been worked since the 1940's.

Access for Recreational Cavers and Mine Explorers

Permission is given to bona fide cavers and mine explorers to enter and explore the underground workings, at their own risk.

Access for Professional Group Use

Wrysgan Slate Quarry has a "Blue Route" through the workings approved for use with Outdoor Education Centres delivering residential courses. Commercial adult or family tourist groups require written consent from WMAG before the mine may be accessed for this purpose.

Most of the Blue Route can be accessed by Mine Leader Level 1 ticket holders, though some of the pitches require Mine Leader Level 2 (or CIC). The group leader(s) must hold a current LCMLA or CIC ticket and valid adventure activity insurance that covers caving/mine-exploration.

Groups involving youngsters without parents or guardians present must hold a licence to do so from the Adventure Activity Licence Service (and not a borrowed one from another operator). Centres using the mine in this manner must be a part of the scheme and be in possession of the latest mine inspection reports and a copy of the current approved Blue Route.

Important Information for All Users

You do not need to contact WMAG prior to your visit to Wrysgan. The mine is not gated.

Please approach the mine from the Cwm Orthin side taking note of any footpath diversions. Please show due respect for livestock, signage and fencing, and follow the country code. Digging, placing bolts/aids, collecting mineral samples or moving artefacts are all prohibited without prior consent from WMAG. The marking of the walls, leaving rubbish, or taking anything from the site is strictly forbidden.

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