Welsh Mines Access Group

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What is the Welsh Mines Access Group?

The WMAG is a registered and insured Access Controlling Body through the British Caving Association intended to serve the interests of both landowners and those who wish to explore their underground property, by acting as an intermediate party. WMAG is a non-profit entity with no commercial interest or affiliation with any club or society beyond ACB membership of the British Caving Association.

Mine Access Information

Contact the Welsh Mines Access Group

To contact us, please send us an email at the below address. As a precaution against spam, you will need to type this address directly into your email client.

Email address for Welsh Mines Access Group

Looking for the Welsh Mines Society?

The Welsh Mines Access Group is unconnected to the Welsh Mines Society, so if you've landed on the wrong website please see http://www.welshmines.org/